Discovery Call Magic

  • It turns conventional selling on its head.

    This is something truly different.
    Radical, even.


    It turns conventional selling on its head.

    And above all, it GETS RESULTS.


    DJ himself routinely gets conversion rates of 90%+ - in an industry where 25% is considered a very good result.


    And in Discovery Call Magic he not only reveals how he does it, he actually takes us through the entire process, step by step, in all its glorious detail so that we, as readers, can easily start to use this same system.


    - Keith Blakemore-Noble

  • This is a breath of fresh air

    Discovery Call Magic is a breath of fresh air offering a new perspective on the conversion of prospects to buyers.


    This book addresses the phobia for sales/marketing associated with cold calls and orthodox sales methods.


    It profers an exciting, more innovative and sincere approach by collaborating with prospects classified as qualified through a strategic filtering process and walking them through to clarify pitfalls in the past and jointly create an irresistible process map for the journey to success thereby increasing your value and eventually your buyers rate.


    This book should be the new guide or manual in every Marketing department.


    - Judith Uzougbo


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